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Modern Events Calendar Pro 6.9.5 + Addons

The Modern Events Calendar Pro is a popular WordPress plugin that allows website owners to easily create and manage events on their website. Here are some of the key features and elements of the plugin:

1. Customizable Event Designs: The plugin offers a variety of customizable event designs and templates that allow users to create beautiful and unique event pages. Users can choose from various layouts, colors, and fonts, and can also add custom CSS to further customize the design.

2. Event Management: The plugin provides a user-friendly interface for managing events. Users can create events, set event dates and times, assign event categories, and set event locations. The plugin also allows users to import events from other calendars, such as Google Calendar or iCal.

3. Ticket Selling and Booking: The plugin offers a built-in ticket selling and booking system, which allows users to sell tickets and manage event bookings directly from their website. Users can set ticket prices, create multiple ticket types, and manage ticket inventory.

4. WooCommerce Integration: The plugin integrates with WooCommerce, which allows users to use WooCommerce payment gateways, manage orders, and track sales for their events.

5. Front-end Event Submission: The plugin provides a front-end event submission form, which allows users to submit events directly from the website. This feature can be useful for allowing users to submit events for approval or for creating a community-driven event calendar.

6. Recurring Events: The plugin allows users to create recurring events, which can be useful for events that occuron a regular basis, such as weekly meetings or monthly workshops. Users can set the recurrence pattern, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

7. Google Maps Integration: The plugin integrates with Google Maps, which allows users to display event locations on an interactive map. Users can also set custom map markers and provide driving directions to the event location.

8. Social Sharing: The plugin includes social sharing buttons, which allow users to share events on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

9. Multiple Views: The plugin provides multiple views for displaying events, such as a calendar view, list view, or grid view. Users can choose the view that best suits their needs and can also customize the layout and design of each view.

10. Translation Ready: The plugin is translation-ready and supports multiple languages. Users can easily translate the plugin into their preferred language or use one of the pre-translated language files.

11. SEO Optimized: The plugin is SEO optimized, which means that it includes features and settings that help improve the visibility of events on search engine result pages. Users can set event titles, descriptions, and keywords, and can also use SEO-friendly URLs.

Overall, the Modern Events Calendar Pro is a comprehensive plugin that provides website owners with everything they need to create and manage events on their website. With its customizable designs, ticket selling and booking system, Google Maps integration, and other features, the plugin is a powerful tool for creating an engaging and user-friendly event calendaron WordPress.


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