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VLC media player & New Features

VLC media player is a popular media player that offers a range of features and benefits. Here are some of the key elements or features of VLC media player:

1. Multi-Platform Support: VLC media player is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

2. Wide Range of Media Formats: VLC media player supports a wide range of media formats, including audio and video files, CDs, DVDs, and streaming media.

3. Customizable Interface: VLC media player allows users to customize the interface with different skins and layout options, making it easy to set up the player to suit individual preferences and needs.

4. Playback Speed Control: VLC media player allows users to control the playback speed of media files, which can be useful for studying or analyzing media content.

5. Subtitle Support: VLC media player includes subtitle support for a variety of languages, making it easy to watch foreign language content or videos with poor audio quality.

6. Audio and Video Filters: VLC media player includes a variety of audio and video filters, which can enhance the quality of media playback and improve the viewing experience.

7. Playlist Management: VLC media player allows users to create and manage playlists, making it easy to organize and play multiple media files.

8. Equalizer: VLC media player includes an equalizer, which allows users to adjust the audio settings to their liking and enhance the listening experience.

9. Network Streaming: VLC media player allows users to stream media from network devicesand servers, making it easy to access and play media files from other devices on the same network.

10. Video Effects: VLC media player includes a variety of video effects, such as color correction, image distortion, and sharpening, which can be used to enhance the visual quality of media playback.

11. Recording: VLC media player includes a recording feature, which allows users to record media files as they play, making it easy to capture and save media content for later viewing or sharing.

12. Convert and Stream: VLC media player can convert media files into different formats, as well as stream media files to different devices, making it easy to share and access media content across different platforms and devices.

Overall, VLC media player is a powerful and versatile media player that offers many advanced features and benefits. Its multi-platform support, wide range of media formats, customizable interface, playback speed control, subtitle support, audio and video filters, playlist management, equalizer, network streaming, video effects, recording, and convert and stream capabilities make it a popular choice for individuals and businesses who need a reliable and feature-rich media player.


How to Install

⦿ Download the zip file Then :
1-Extract the zip By 7z or by default Windows command
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⦿ If needed password is always▷GlobApps

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we encourage you to do so but we provide it for you to get
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